Valley Center, CA

Hoofs and woofs animal rescue

Adoptable Cats and Kittens

We have several cats and kittens of all ages that are each looking for their own forever, loving homes. Each of these girls and boys brings a unique joy to the world and would love to share that with you and your family! Click on the photo collage to the left to visit our "Adoptable Cats" page, or use the menu at the top of the page under "Animals."

Sanctuary Animals
Some of the animals at Hoofs and Woofs come to spend the remainder of their days with us. These are our sanctuary animals. For one reason or another they are best suited in the home we can provide for them. They are sweet animals who love attention and care from our volunteers and thrive on our ranch. Click on their collage to learn more about this amazing group of critters!

Adoptable Horses and Ponies
Our ranch is the current home of many horses, and sometimes a pony or two, that are ready or getting ready for their forever home. We have horses of all ages and types that are anxious to find the person with whom they can learn and grow. Visit the list of our adoptable horses to learn about our wonderful mares and geldings and perhaps you find the perfect partner for you!

Adoptable and Sanctuary Animals at Hoofs and Woofs

At Hoofs and Woofs, our ranch is home to a variety of animals. Some are temporary residents, getting ready to be adopted into their own forever homes and some will spend the rest of their days with us in sanctuary. We are home to horses, dogs, cats, a goat, a sheep, a steer and various others.

In the "Animals" section of our website, you can find links to pages with photos, biographies, and stories about each one of our animals, both those adoptable and those in sanctuary.

For specific information on adopting any of our available animals or for how to help us help them, feel free to contact us directly or visit the "Make a Donation" portion of our website. Adoption fees and generosity from private parties help us keep our gates open to continue helping even more animals in need.