Valley Center, CA

Hoofs and woofs animal rescue

Aly and Bari (pictured here) were premarin foals from Canada. Aly and Bari, with their brothers, Woody, Doc and Marshall, are all 13 years old now have lived together as their own mini-herd since coming to California. They play and goof around like siblings creating an fun show for all to watch!

Aly, Woody and Doc are all fully sponsored. Bari is partially sponsored.

Marshall  is looking for a sponsor.

Caymus is a gorgeous dark bay thoroughbred gelding. This tall, dark and handsome guy is a former hunter-jumper and is now retired. He loves his daily buckets of mash and being pampered by our volunteers!

Caymus is fully sponsored.

Tubby is a Palomino Missouri Foxtrotter foaled in 1988. In the summer his golden eye reflect in his beautiful palomino coloring. Tubby has earned his keep and retirement after working as an education animal, in parades and commercials and as a breed ambassador at San Diego County Fair and showed many people a great time on trail!

Tubby is forever the gentleman standing still for his buddies of all ages and enjoying what life has provided for him!

Tubby has gone on to greener pastures and is missed by all at Hoofs and Woofs.

Ferdinand, AKA Ferdie, is a miniature Dexter Angus steer born in 2000. Ferdie was an education animal at a local shelter. When their program closed down, he came to Hoofs and Woofs for a new home!

This big guy has lots of personality! He loves the company of our volunteers who come to groom him and the horses on the property. He loves to have his head scratched and in the summer heat he soaks his feet in a cool pail of water. For Ferdie, the best days of all are when volunteers bring him special treats, especially corn on the cob!

Ferdie is looking for a sponsor.

Little Dude is a 15.3 sooty buckskin Quarter Horse gelding. At 2 years old he was only around 60" and weighed in at less than 400lbs making him severely underweight and emaciated when he was rescued from a feed lot. A skeleton, dirty, runny nose and a long tail, this boy's tummy had not had a full belly since he had been weaned from his mama.

With plenty of food, shelter, and loving care, Dude blossomed into a kind and steady horse. He has been used as a lesson horse, education animal, given pony rides while wearing colorful ornaments, and been the best ambassador to other equines. Due to his rough start in life, his hind end is now compromised and thus he is retired. He now spends his days being the leader of our herd and taking small children for their first ride with a bareback pad proud to be in their loving care!

Dude is looking for a sponsor.

Charley Brown is a 16.2 bay thoroughbred gelding foaled in 1999 who came to us through a kind lady by the name of Diane. Charley lived a hard life before coming to us and though he is sound in body, his emotional scars keep him off of our adoptable list. He had both front tendons bowed and pin fired, but never raced and was likely hit around the face while tied as he gets nervous if he is approached with something new while he is tied.

Charley is a favorite of all our volunteers. He loves to go out on trail and take riders bareback around the ranch. We have learned how to keep this sweet soul comfortable and happy and that is why he will remain with us.

This beautiful boy crossed the rainbow bridge in Fall 2016. We are absolutely devastated to have lost such an amazing friend and partner. Rest in peace Charley.

Though many of the animals that come to live with us at Hoofs and Woofs are only here temporarily, there are a few that for various reasons will live out the rest of their days with us - those are our sanctuary animals and you can get acquainted with them here!

These critters have come to us in various conditions of health and happiness and have found a permanent home with us. Some were pets loved and cared for and now need a place to spend retirement, others were mishandled and mistreated and looking for a safe and steady place to call home.

All of our sanctuary animals are available for sponsorship, either full or partial, to help with their feed and care and allow us to provide the best long term home for each and every one of them. For more information on sponsoring a sanctuary animal, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Meet our Sanctuary Animals!