Valley Center, CA

Hoofs and woofs animal rescue

Heathcliff, Hoss, Henry and Harry have been adopted! Their sisters Hilo and Hattie can be found on our adoptable cats page.
Ollie came to us through a network of friends as 6 year old off the track thoroughbred. He was recovering from a bowed tendon when he arrived and Heather, one of our volunteers, began working with him. They immediately formed a wonderful partnership and almost a year later, her husband adopted him for her as a birthday surprise, with a big red bow and all!
Tonnka was found abandoned in a field where he was taken in by a kind woman who brought him back to health and put him through training. He turned out to be more than she could manage and when she could no longer keep him, she brought him here to Hoofs and Woofs and continued to help support him. Here he found connection and happiness with our volunteers and became a perfect mount for his dad in his perfect forever home! Tonnka has crossed the rainbow bridge into greener pastures. He is missed by all.
Zipper was on death row at a shelter when our volunteer Lauren heard his story and came to his aid. Zipper spent a month at Hoofs and Woofs in training for his new mom. They now enjoy life together and she has re-named him Happy, a testament to his joyful personality and outlook on his new life!
Israel Christmas, aka Izzy, was dumped at a local restaurant off a local highway on Christmas Eve. He was caught by a good Samaritan and brought to us for safe keeping. He now has a loving forever home where he is cherished!

Desperado was our fastest adoption ever! He came to us through a volunteer who knew both him and his previous owner. Health reasons forced her to stop riding and give him up. With people lining up to adopt this sweet, beautiful, steady mount, he found his new home in no time!
Happy, now Cisco, was headed for kill buyers when Hoofs and Woofs received a call to help save this big guy. He is a draft-cross who lives with his brother Domino (another Hoofs and Woofs Happy Tale) and enjoys daily hikes in the local mountains with his new mom and dad!

Happy Tales of Happy Trails and Tails!

Though not every story starts out as a fairytale, we love when we can help them turn the page into one! Here you will find some of the happy new beginnings for animals that came for help, healing and a second chance at Hoofs and Woofs and ended up finding a person or people to be their forever family.

Retired OTTB, El Dorado Belle was headed for slaughter after years as a broodmare. When she first came to us she was shy and slow to trust. Consistent attention and work with our volunteers showed her the kindness in human contact. At 17 years old and nicknamed Bellie, this beautiful girl was adopted by a couple of our volunteers! Belle crossed the rainbow bridge to greener pastures. She is missed by all at Hoofs and Woofs and her adopted family.

A huge thank-you to all our supporters and volunteers whose tireless efforts have made these "Happy Tails/Trails/Tales" possible!
As a kitten, Aloha was dumped in a parking lot outside a pet shop. As the "plain grey" kitten, she was often passed over but as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She now boasts a loving forever home where she is cherished for her beauty inside and out!

Bravo was a stray in Riverside county when he was picked up by Animal Services. When his time there was coming to an end, Hoofs and Woofs was contacted to help exit him from the shelter and help him find his forever home. His quiet demeanor made him the perfect mount for his gentle rider. He is now happily cared for and visited daily by his new mom and dad.

After a difficult past and a jumping injury, Hollywood came to us for the chance to heal. Although nervous, he trusted Andie and found in her a soul-mate and a forever home.

Lulu, our magical unicorn, has found a new kingdom and name, Irish Rose, of her very own - complete with a mom and a new best friend! We are excited announce that she has been adopted and is loving her new life already!
At 23 years old, Missy, registered Miss Withal Star, found her forever home for her golden years. Her new mom will ride her as a volunteer mounted park patrol.

Shadow and her daughter Lulu came to us completely wild. Through patience and dedication our volunteers have helped to tame and teach them. Shadow has now been adopted and is loved by many in her new home where she is also learning to pull a cart!

After mothering orphaned kittens and experiencing life on the ranch, Ariel found a home with three hearts as big as her own! Her new family now knows her as Astrid, after a character in their favorite movie. She spends her nights moving from bed to bed to cuddle with each member of her new family and is happy being the center of her new home!

Aries came to Hoofs and Woofs from our vet, Countryside Veterinary Clinic. We worked through his aggression, taught him kindness to other animals and found him a loving home with his new mom!